Small Size Equals Big Flavor

Shelve the hors d’oeuvres for your next shindig and instead miniaturize. ‘Small plates’ and Tapas is the practice of offering regular meals but in much smaller portions which has replaced the ‘main course’ in finer restaurants. Serving this way creates a unique and memorable culinary experience for your guests. Catering experts suggest creating 6-10 different items. A wider variety and smaller portions encourages your guests to try food they may have never wanted to (or dared to) try. Serving ‘small plates’ also enhances the ‘mingling factor’ as guests can easily walk around with their food during the party.

Bring Out the Family Tree

Edible Genealogy is a new trend in entertaining and what better time to celebrate your own family heritage then during holiday season. This one may require some homework as you reach out to family and research recipes and favorites from previous generations along the family line.

Discovering interesting facts about the family tree along the way may be as satisfying as the recipes you create. Your guests will fondly remember the experience as you share stories and background on the dishes giving them their own unique ‘character’.

Responsible Luxury

A good host is one who understands and caters to the needs of their guests. It starts the moment you take their coat and continues until they make it home safely after an enjoyable evening. Hosts can fine tune their party planning by selecting healthy recipes to compliment the usual holiday fare. Vegetarian or vegan alternatives are usually a must these days as many live a meat free lifestyle. Healthy and responsible choices extend to the bar as the holidays are prime time for luxury beverages.

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